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Thanks so much for your order.  We will ship once signed by Chris on July 17th.  We appreciate your business.

For anyone who didn’t already know, you can contact Bookends about having them get Chris to sign a copy of The Land of Stories for you. It’s $17.99 for the book and $8.95 for shipping within the US (I’ve heard it’s something closer to $30 for shipping internationally).

I would recommend contacting them as soon as you can since I don’t know if they have a cutoff number for how many orders they’ll take. The store absolutely wants you to call them, but if that isn’t at all an option (international calling or whatever) you can email them explaining why you can’t call and they’ll help you place an order that way (they just don’t prefer it — plus, it’s sending all of your credit card information over an email if that’s how you contact them, so, you know, security).