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I’ve noticed a tragic lack of discussion on Tumblr about one of my favourite places on the internet and felt obligated to share — The Critter Room (Facebook link). It is a running series of webcam livestreams chronicling the day-to-day lives of ridiculously adorable foster kittens as they grow and get ready for adoption. The man behind the livestreams, Foster Dad John, helps the kittens get adopted out when they’re old enough and then takes in a new litter and starts a new livestream for them. The current group is The Looney Tune Fosters (Livestream link); Penelope, Taz, Marvin, and Sylvester. And they’re adorable.

The webcam is practically 24/7, so if you’re ever feeling down you’ve got a dose of fluffy adorable kittens whenever you need it!

Most days I am proud to consider myself a mature, functioning member of society. Then there are the nights I sit at my computer crying over kitten videos for hours at a time.