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I’ve found that any fic promising that the story “is way better than the summary” never actually has a story better than the summary.

"The Red Skinny Jeans"

Summary: Kurt and Blaine argue in Battery Park. It’s not what you think. They also lose Finn and Rachel.

Author’s notes: 834 words of crack!fic written during work that might not make any sense at all. Spoilers for a scene shot for 4x04 and gratuitous incorrect usage of rumoured quotes. I have no good excuse for this.

“It was really nice of you to visit me, Blaine. I mean, you gave up your entire long weekend for me. Finn’s only here visiting Rachel because he felt like he had to see the World Trade Center memorial before he joined the army.” Kurt stopped in the middle of the path, turning to face Blaine and rolling his eyes affectionately.

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"Best Man"

Title: “Best Man”

Summary: Kurt and Blaine have made up, and Brittany and Lord Tubbington are really thankful for that.

Word Count: 683

Pairings: Klaine, references to Brittana

Spoilers: Up through “Dance With Somebody”

Author’s Notes: Just a quick reaction fic I wrote up in the last fifteen minutes. Un-beta’d and rushed — I’ll go back and make this better tomorrow when I’ve actually gotten some sleep. I don’t write smut, so I wrote this instead. Under a cut for spoilers.

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"Coming Out"

Pairing: Klaine

Length: 915 words

Rating: PG

Summary: Kate Hummel-Anderson comes out to her parents. They have to accept that she’s growing up.

Author’s Note: Technically it’s still Sunday in every part of the US except the East, right? Whoops. As usual, un-beta’d so all mistakes are entirely my own fault. For Day 7 of Klaine Week – Daddy!Klaine. Pure fluff.

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"Marriage Equality"

Pairing: Klaine

Length: 989

Rating: PG

Summary: Kurt and Blaine have kind of always known they were going to get married. They just want to wait for Ohio to catch up.

Author’s Note: For Day 6 of Klaine Week - Proposal. All typos and grammar mistakes are entirely my own fault. Before the Marriage Equality Bill passed here in New York, we had plenty of couples who could have driven a few hours over to another state (like Vermont) to get married. They chose to wait until it was legal here instead. That was kind of my logic here.


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"The Roommate Agreement"

Pairing: Klaine, mentions of Finchel

Length: 1740 words

Rating: PG-13 (for mentions of sex)

Summary: Blaine moves into the apartment Kurt shares with Finn and Rachel for his freshman year of college. There are schedules. And rules. Kurt and Blaine ignore them.

Author’s Note: Pieces of what could potentially be a much larger fic if I ever find the motivation to write it. I suppose this falls under the “college” portion of the Klaine Week Day 5 prompt. Tragically lacking in smut, though. Un-beta’d.


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Pairing: Klaine

Length: 939 words

Rating: PG

Summary: There’s something most people don’t know about Kurt and Blaine’s anniversary. It’s not actually on March 15th.

Author’s Note: Just a quick… Whatever this is in honour of Klaine’s one-year anniversary. All typos and grammar mistakes are completely my own fault. Mostly rambling fluff with a severe lack of dialogue. Maybe a bit crack-ish. Minor spoilers for an upcoming character.

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