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More from the 10x03 sneak peek (video)

Supernatural 10x03 Sneak Peek - Soul Survivor

I’m gonna ask you one more time, Barry Allen, and you better be honest with me.




SO ANGRY AND SO HOT (for agelade) (10x02)

OK, I am still on hiatus and I am going to vanish back into the woodwork after I have asked this VERY VITAL QUESTION: how on earth does Sam keep an unsheathed knife there without stabbing himself in the butt every time he sits down?

Three words for you: Buns. Of. Steel.


so like, “give me all your books about demons,” there are pretty much two options for cole right now, besides being arrested for bleeding on the nonfiction, which are:

a.) absolutely nothing because this is a public library sir

b.) a dogeared stack of paperback editions of all the supernatural books

they’re really gonna regret letting him live