Give me all of the scenes of Blaine eating food while ogling his fiancé

At Skyfall

klaineitupanotch asked: “Glee/Chuck crossover - Klaine encounter Chuck, & they find his actions suspicious.”

773 words of Blaine and Kurt being fail-y spies, with Chuck and Sarah (from NBC’s Chuck) thrown in. There’s something suspicious happening at NYADA, and Kurt and Blaine are going to get to the bottom of it. Or get horribly distracted trying. (Title from Skyfall by Adele).
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…This was supposed to be 3 sentences. I have failed horribly.

Blaine notices them first in his Freshman Theory of Music class, a man and a woman sitting in the back of the room and looking for all the world like typical musical theatre students in their slightly loose-fitting, trendy sweaters and Ray-Ban glasses. Except he can tell, even from a distance, that the glasses are fake (his eyesight is awful; of course he can spot fake glasses from miles away — figuratively, at least) and that he has never seen the two of them before in his life.

Also, and no offense to either of them because they’re both very attractive people, they are definitely too old to be in a freshman class.

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klaineitupanotch asked: "Klaine. Kurt and Blaine working as Disney Princes at Disneyland. Have fun with it. ;) Or as much as you can for three sentences lol."

1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me an AU setting.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

Let’s just pretend you could run into both of their face characters at Disneyland, okay? Also, apparently it’s a serious thing to find all of the face characters at the parks. Who knew?

When Cooper had promised that he could get him a job that would both pay relatively well and give him the so-called in he needed to the world of acting, Blaine had expected to end up as an extra in the show that had just given his brother his big break, and not to be working as the face of Prince Eric at Disneyland, dealing with screaming, miserable kids for hours on end all while dressed in an itchy, overly-warm outfit and getting paid just enough that he had to choose between covering rent or eating dinner some weeks.

And he kind of loved it; Blaine Anderson was nothing if not a performer and it was nice to think that he might be able to play even the smallest part in making a child’s vacation one of the most amazing experiences of their young life.

It also didn’t hurt that, after a horrifying run-in with a red popsicle-wielding toddler to which his white costume shirt fell victim an hour into his first day, Blaine met his very own Prince Charming, named Kurt, who comes to his rescue armed with an instant stain remover pen and the most amazing blue-grey-green eyes he has ever seen and who very kindly insists the only repayment he will accept is a dinner date for that coming Saturday evening.

So what I need is a fic where Kurt and Blaine absolutely suck at not living together. Like, that first night after Blaine moves out they sleep in their own separate places because that’s what mature adults do when they decide to live apart and this is supposed to be good for their relationship.

But it sucks and Bruce kind of isn’t cutting it in terms of cuddling for Kurt anymore now that he’s had Blaine back.

So the next night is their new traditional loft dinner, and maybe Kurt keeps Blaine around a little late with a TV marathon. And it’s way too late for him to be wandering around New York City on his own so, whoops, guess he better just stay the night this one time? Except then Kurt stays too late at Blaine’s place the next night. And so on and so on. Like, it happens every night. But that’s okay, because fiances totally sleep over at each other’s places, too.

And then Kurt realizes that Blaine’s stuff has slowly moved back into the loft because “Why don’t you keep a few changes of clothes over here?” and “Well, of course you should have a toothbrush here so you don’t have to pack one!” and “Guess I should probably buy the food Blaine likes, too!” so Blaine might as well just, you know, not leave.

Because Glee is never going to give that to me.

The doves better actually be shitting glitter during Klaine’s wedding for everything this show has put me through.

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Leave This Town

Summary: Blaine’s excited to start his new life in New York with Kurt. Of course he is. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to part with all of the memories he’s leaving behind.

1194 words of a Klaine heart-to-heart in response to episode 5x13 (so vague spoilers within). Title from “September” by Daughtry.
This got very introspective. As it turns out, I have some thoughts about graduation and moving and starting a new life in a new place. Thank you to the lovely klaineitupanotch for being my always-reliable beta!
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It’s quiet in his room.

He can hear the floor creaking as Kurt flits around the room, running everything over with a duster one last time (“I promise, Kurt, mom won’t care if there’s a little bit of dust left lying around.” “But I’ll care, Blaine.”), but it’s in stark contrast to the insanity of just an hour before; Sam and Tina laughing and shouting as they tossed his belongings back and forth at each other and into boxes, Kurt taking more care to keep everything orderly as they packed his entire room away into a small pile of boxes in the corner. Sam and Tina had cleared out just as the sun started to set outside his window, Sam with a hug and a reassurance that he would see him in New York in just a few weeks time, and Tina with a promise that she would be by in the morning to see him off as she blinked away tears that had already ruined her makeup once today.

He sits down on the floor in the middle of his empty room and sighs.

That’s his entire life, right there in those boxes. Eight boxes was all it took to pack away eighteen years’ worth of living in this same room.

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Blaine got so excited about the Prancercise lady that I’m about 99.9% sure we just found out what Kurt and Blaine’s workout routines consist of

"And there was tongue and they kept talking about boobs and I felt like such a third wheel! And I think Kitty and Artie might have been inviting me for a threesome when they mentioned bumper bowling…?”

"I’m not the lead singer in my own band and I don’t understand what Santana and Rachel are fighting about anymore and apparently Santana’s girlfriend still exists and I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten I’m actually a person and not a gay handbag."

I just really want to know what Kurt and Blaine’s phone conversation at the end of this week was like.

Anonymous asked: "Do you think Kurt will put the dick in valedictorian?"


this is such a beautiful ask, anon, thank you

From the Never Been Kissed script.

From the Never Been Kissed script.