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How did Chris end up with such a patient cat though??? Like I touch a can of hairspray on my dresser and my cat freaks the fuck out and runs and here’s Chris dressing Brian up in costumes and the cat just doesn’t care

Okay but this is just an overwhelming reminder that Chris and I were born in the same year and he’s published three bestselling books and played the lead in a movie he wrote and stars on a hit TV show

and I burned the rice I was trying to make for lunch today. How do you talent???

Chris Colfer on Good Morning America (x)

"Dear [name],

Thank you for your order. I will have the book”The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns” signed for you on 8/16/13 and then ship the book to you. If you have any questions or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Dude, I really don’t care what you ship, but there is a line being crossed when you think it’s appropriate to edit the acknowledgments that Chris wrote in his own book to remove Will’s name and replace him with your ship of choice.