Lookit what I got in the mail today! My own “The Blaine” hair bow made by Bowdacious! It’s so cute! [x]

I made Purrl a flower crown and she loved it <3

Community validated my OTP. His feelings for her helped them save their school and no one can take this away from me.

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Margaery Tyrell trying to save the day


"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want." 

"Abed! Stop being meta! Why do you always have to take whatever happens to us and shove it up its own ass?!"

Hot damn I wish I had a gif of this Community line to just paste onto any of the bullshit meta I see on Tumblr.

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make me chooseCasey or Morgan suggested by adixiebelle

Yes, I’ve been watching a ton of Disney princess movies with baby Clara, but, I firmly believe, with all my heart, that one magical kiss from you could unlock all of Sarah’s memories.