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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything



All of the gifs I’ve seen of Sam covered in glitter finally make sense.

And the context is so much better than anything I could have possibly dreamed up on my own.

this is adorbss

<3 <3 <3

This Northern New Yorker has way too much knowledge about how modern Midwestern cattle ranches work now.

Anonymous asked: Cowboy! Jeff and Annie as a ranch girl

And for tonight’s Jeff x Annie piece…
This one kicked my butt, anon, but I hope it’s what you were looking for. Or close, at least.

The stable doors are rattling in their frame somewhere behind her and Annie swears she can barely hear herself think over the sound of rain pounding against the roof as she saddles Nathan up in his stall, the horse’s whickering barely audible over a crash of thunder as she cinches the final strap tight and mounts up, “I know; I don’t like it either. But it doesn’t take this long to round up a few loose cattle.” she whispers, brushing her hand against the horse’s neck, “And someone has to save Jeff’s stupid city butt. I’ve gotten kind of attached to it - him. Him. I’ve gotten attached to him.” and she urges Nathan forward, out of the stable and into the storm, following the muddy trail Jeff and his horse had left some time ago.

She finds the stragglers from the herd fenced in, and Jeff’s horse, before she finds Jeff himself on the far side of the property, his clothes soaked through and his hat long since having given up on being useful against the rain while he tries to rope a particularly skittish cow that has wedged herself in a small thicket of trees, and the smile he gives her is too close to frustrated to be convincing, “You could have stayed in. I’ve almost got this.” he says, but gives the rope to her when she dismounts and holds her hand out for it.

"Mm’hm, I can see that. You’ve got it all under control, huh, cowboy?" she teases, having to yell to be heard over the storm as she ropes the cow easily and leads it toward the rest of the herd, "Cuddle with me tonight and we’ll call it even. And throw out that hat. It’s getting gross."


1) Give me a pairing. 2) Give me an AU setting. 3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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American Authors · Oh, What A Life
1931 Plays


'Cause one day we're gonna come back
And laugh at it all

One day we’ll look at the past
With love, love

One day we’re gonna come back
And relive those thoughts

One day we’ll look at the past
With love, love

The cable went out all of a sudden and I had halfway convinced myself it was because of the storm before I realized that the only damn storm was the one I’m currently writing about.

There isn’t enough caffeine in the world.